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​​​Klondike Kostumes
​​Showcasing our collection of 1898 apparel... for your consideration next time you need a costume or you need to simply accessorize for your Klondike events !!

RENTAL ​& Retail

Colonial Costume Consulting

(  ​Want to Make Your Own ? )

Your remote Yukon outlet with 1898 period wear in virtually all gender, size, & age. We cannot clothe a thousand people but we have more than you might think and our specialty is fussing over clients and finding them exactly what they need. It is always a great idea to let us know well ahead of time and so if we do not have what you need, we can possibly make it or order it. Like others who are in this business, we make, modify, & buy new...whatever needs to be done to accomplish the desired results because nothing should get in the way of our outcome with properly looking 1898.

You phone or email and tell me what you are looking for and if I cannot tell you immediately what I have at that time, I will contact you back within the same day.

[email protected]

You can edit text on your website by double clicking on a text box on your website. Alternatively, when you select a text box a settings menu will appear. Selecting 'Edit Text' from this menu will also Rental, sales, & colonial costume consulting!  For anyone wanting to create their own costume, one hour design consultations are available for $30 but are free for past customers ($100+).
Vast variety of gentlemens' vests. All sizes (S-2X).
With matching bowties & cummerbunds.
Gents tuxedo tailcoats!!
Lads tuxedo pants and tailcoats!
Vests and bowties for lads (boys sizes 4-16).
Ruffled tuxedo shirts in a wide variety of colours and sizes including boys.
Quality felt and wool top hats and derby hats in multiple colours & sizes!
Wide variety of suspenders for men. Some for girls!
Trapper style fur rendezvous hats for the frontiermen!
Ladies Victorian dresses, catering to vertually all sizes including Xsmall & Xlarge.
Deliciously decorated hats for the ladies with nothing left to the imagination!
Pretty Parricels and pashmina shawls for cover ups. Capes.
Authentic fur collars & mink stoles for rental. Plus a vast variety of authentic
gemstone, pearl, and silver jewelry available to compliment any dress and satisfy your individual taste!  Short and over the elbow gloves in many colours. Purses and polks that match your dress.
Variety of girls dresses sizes 5 through 12 ( 14 = ladies Xsmall)

Ladies' full regular costume per day-weekend $75
​Gentlemen's full regular costume per day-wekend $55

Children's  costumes per day-weekend $25 - $35

​Add on $10 per extra day  your costume is needed

​Tailcoats, furs, jewelry, boots, and parricels  are an extra $5 - $35 (not including damage deposits)

Damage deposits are generally your wekend rental rate  X 3 unless I know you well.

We take Paypal, Online Banking, or Cash......OB and P preferred.
Klondike Kostumes is Yukon's remote venue to find periodwear in all genders, sizes, & ages.
To view much of what is available for rental, please scroll down and visit our FB website Klondike Kostumes or  email:

                                     [email protected]
​​Please also visit our Facebook group called ​Klondike Kostumes at: