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Handwriting analysis since the eleventh century; more accurate than most modern psychology.  Over twenty years experience. 98+% accuracy on 99+% of individuals.            IGAS qualified.  $90-$120 per graphoanalysis (35-90 traits plus paragraphic profile).


Since the eleventh century, handwriting analysis has been studied and practiced in different areas and on different levels. It is quite literally a thousand years beyond psychology. It began in the Orient. What makes analysis possible, is everything from the spacing and angles of letters and words, to the size, shape, pressure, and speed with which it is written.
   Some graphologists can go so far as to decipher whether a person has Alzheimer’s disease rather than some other kind of illness such as cancer; even respiratory disorders would be differentiated from that of cardiovascular disorders and so on.  Parkinson's is much easier to determine for obvious reasons.  In the same context they can usually describe their subject’s level of profession, whether they be that of a doctor or dentist rather than athlete or perhaps sales representative; the probability of that person working in that realm and at very least what they are more suited towards.
   Graphology is a clinical science, despite the protest from the modern psuedo-science community that views it as a threat and competition to common psychology. Again, it is a thousand years beyond psychology and considerably more accurate. The Library of Congress categorized it as a credible social science in 1981. Though it is not an exact science in that we are still learning more; it is however a true science as well as an art and when properly done, it is more accurate and less pseudoscientific than modern psychology. It is considered a branch of psychology but it has no relation to Freudian psychology or to the occult. Though many use it in conjunction with modern psychology, I use it alone as it requires no assist. The quality of an analysis is dependent upon the caliber and capacity of the individual analyzer. For almost as many years as I have been practicing, I have maintained a 98+% accuracy on 99% of individuals and am primarily accurate on all individuals. It is a near perfect science as well as art and it is for these reasons that the police worldwide and the CIA use graphoanalyses in their private investigations.
   Often the handwriting of an individual can change quite drastically over a long or even short period of time and without apparent reason. It might be their health or it might be maturity and their state of mind. Very understandably, the reasons vary greatly, depending on the individual. Young people commonly under twenty are difficult to analyze, as they are not completely developed and their handwriting not stabilized enough; they can change much more rapidly than most adults; but the analysis is still accurate for the time the sample was written. Old people can also be a difficulty because their health is usually slipping and their original health deteriorating.
    Your handwriting is unique like your fingerprints. Fingerprints identify your physical body while handwriting identifies your very own personality. No two individuals can possess the same style of handwriting with an identical profile and this must be keenly discerned as with the more clever forgeries of signature.
    Most companies in Europe and more than three thousand corporations in America use handwriting analysis during their employment selection. Graphology has been proven faster, cheaper, and more efficient than any other personality test.
    As well we have grapho-therapy. Graphotherapy is a process of changing your handwriting to change your personality, in order to change your life. It is the science of improving your personality by manual changes in your handwriting. Our handwriting can reinforce our worst habits, or we can choose to use it to modify or even eliminate them. This process must be done with care and ideally by the guide of a graphotherapist or graphologist with experience.
    A most accurate analysis is dependant upon also the following matters: A sample should be written on plain light colored paper. The subject should not copy or be dictated to, as their script should be spontaneously written and signed three times ideally. At least seven lines should be submitted in regular ballpoint pen and ink. Cursive style required as well as a sample of printing, unless the person can only print. Their gender should be revealed since it is usually apparent but impossible to always discern through personality found in their handwriting. A man can have feminine qualities as well as a women having masculine. Finally, there approximate age given is more important than gender. Confidentiality held. You might tell the details of an analysis but I will not tell anyone unless needed in a court of law or for the extreme safety of others as deemed necessary.