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I  realize I must let you get to sleep for in the morning I know you would have much to do
But before you rest your head and close your eyes know that l have fallen in love with you
You have something so special that was given to you, something very few have if any at all
Why is it that all the years before l could never see it and why was there an invisible wall ?
Its late at night, I'm happy, soul at rest, wonderful thoughts in my head, tired, ready for bed
 Then I stop  to think about those words, they were important the ones that you earlier said  
So here I am my princess late at night, writing a poem to make your heart warm and bright 
Then l can sleep with dreams of you, dreams that will have me journey all through the night
When  you awaken Shirly,  realize that so much has been spoken still so much more to know
But one thing certain is true, the heart and soul has filled with a warmth that forever will glow
Strange though,  it is not all words that has me feeling this way, as well its a picture you love  
It is the one l shared with you, the unsaid words sent to my heart when delivered from above
Ever so thankful I am to know you,  this is what I want to know this is what I wish to express  
So late at night I search for the right words to seek for you to read and yes for me to impress
How  have  two people  so quickly and effortlessly  made  such paths to  each others heart    
 And  feel  that now  they have shared  themselves  and  their wish is only to never be apart    
What is it, why the thoughts and feelings already in the heart that you and l will have a history
Why did l know that the time l looked in your eyes, the first kiss, it would end a life's mystery
That picture, yes the image with the rocks and the waves and jagged ones close to the shore
We have stepped on those, we have slipped and fallen on each but  together not anymore  
 Lay in bed tonight just knowing you are thought of, as well from me feelings of being in love  
Shirly, those feelings from me to find you to share them with, well that all came from above  
l know that when l hold you, l know now what my heart will want me to whisper in your ear
 And why, why do l tell you this, how do I feel that l can do just that without feelings of fear ? 
You ask yourself, is this the prince of promise that forever together will be walking with me ?
No Shirly as l am just a man and you are a woman but together you and l are destined to be
And to share a passion and love much deeper then we ever thought we could possibly see.

​November 7th,  2005 --  by ​ Douglas     


Today  before  me,  alongside  me,  forever  with me
Is my soulmate, Gods gift, our  purpose starting to be
One  thing sure as I marry you, one certainty I do know
Our  love  and  joy and  fulfillment will into eternity grow
As  you  are  strong, tired, and sometimes weakened and ill
Forever my  strength,  caring, and love will never stand still
You are  so  incredible, beautiful, talented, a women beyond all
To  protect  you  and  love you,  with God, I will stand  tall
The  world  has  but  one  woman that I will always only see
Today I am  the  worlds happiest man as you are marrying me
I  cannot  express  enough,  not enough words to describe everything
What you have brought me shown me you & God, everyday does sing
Today  its  all  true  and right,  its  meant and destined to be
Today the wedding rings and our journey,  forever you and me
I love you Shirly, so much I admire you, so much I adore you
Every moment of this eternal life I will show you thro & thro.

January 29th , ​2006       


It is a sad day for me to know that you have never a poem written for you, such a sin  
I cannot understand why a man would not express his feelings & holding them within
And  if any person breathing today deserves a poem and writtings of  love
It is you my girl and they should always be sent on the wings of a dove
Your compassion and talent and beauty that is both on the surface and deep as well 
Goes far beyond most in this world I recognize,  seeeming sincere yet lying to hell
What  can I say,  if I do not tell you these words I want you to hear   
Then truly the world's most beautiful girl to my heart will not be near
Feelings of love and being so special should warm your heart each single hour 
Why because its so true to say, it's you being authentic that is your amazing power
Shirly, I am a person who has a gift wonderful to me in knowing you, to let you know 
But if you were not who you are all my writings and poetry would disappear and go.

 Well here I am on this day living in a land of ice and snow    
To put into words, a poem to someone  l love and know     
Recent three years past, through God she became my wife   
Though as it happens contact often throughout most of my life
Her name means Sunny Meadow and very talented she happens to be,
All the arts she knows and does never ceases to amaze me,    
Carving, painting, etching, everything including fantastic photography,
Shirly, you are my mate for certain, on land and as well on the sea,
Well not quite a sea but a huge lake, similar, both water certainly  
Who would have known the passion the sailing boat has given us too share,
The  wind and heat, the speed the thrill, the distance and fresh air,
Its a joy with you in that boat, your love for it, your passionate care,
Well not so just in the boat, but truthfully a joy with you everywhere,
Its so refreshing to see the enthusiasm you have for things so unique, 
Bottles, rugs, dresses, everything, including goats on a mountain peak,  
Your interest from a frowned serious look to an uncontrolled girlish squeak,
Your comments usually controlled, often bold, very seldom if at all meek,
Critical you say, colours are, your favorites, green , purple and blue,  
Easy to see as you have never without, these colours around you,  
You have not faltered, accepted others, to these colours you remain true
This poem written on your birthday, with the numbers seven and three,
I'm so ever thankful that your birthday does in fact include me,
from the Grace of God into motion us to be become destiny,
The days pass and challenges faced, with you I am so happy
Yes coming from a meadow you did, then to a lake with a long arm,
It's certainly an experience, many for certain to spin a good yarn,  
From the start at Caribou Crossing looking down what is it, eighteen miles?
Regardless, down there however far, there lived a young  girl full of smiles,
You traveled by foot, by dogs and sled, and mostly by your big wooden boat,
Always learning to watch, to be careful, as cautious as the steps of a mountain goat,
Stranded at times on shores edge, the blizzards, the waves, the villainous south wind
The memories, the reasoning, the experience, beyond now, never meant to rescind
Now, still a lake, a road though, neighbors, a   street with peaceful house on lot
To stay and live and spend your days, a decision you never fought
The decision you made, more meant to be, and appreciated day by day
So what is the intent, what is the meaning of what I'm trying to say.??
Well for starters Shirly, I love you, oh as well happy 37th birthday!!!