Ambrose Arts
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We work our retouch magic on your favorite pictures and the ones that are not can turn into a favorite when we are through. Family, wedding, graduation, action, nature, wildlife, pets....anything remotely reasonable that is important to you. We take PayPal personal payments only. We offer you free quotes and we will never exceed the highest quote. After agreement on photo to be worked on, we ask ...for a 50% payment down (based on original quote and never exceeding that) and after completion of photo work, the remaining to be paid. Prior to full payment, you will receive by email your completed image or images in a slightly reduced format for viewing. After your final payment you will receive the finer quality image or images for keeps. Your images will not be used for advertising purposes without your consent. We charge $20 an hour and most pictures require 1-3 hours work....minimum one hour of work. Send us your exact image for a quote. You will always receive an extra version or more of your image right up to the final rendition, for no extra cost, as freebees thrown in because extra versions are a part of the necessary process. We offer you 25 years of real artistic experience and nine years of technical photo touchup. The key is in the eye.

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