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Please visit the following link to order one of a kind silk and cashmere scarves designed by me and crafted through a company in San Francisco with focus on fair trade. From a designer in Paris, to a producer in Karachi, a consumer in San Francisco, and an artist in the will love these quality scarves whether for yourself or a special gift item for someone else!!   Please follow the URL link below or click on the item images for more details:


​​These  are only a few scarves  and wraps that are available through Vida, as well my arwork can  be custom designed for square scarves and tops and dresses at your request with complete custom order.
" Each VIDA product is uniquely produced in small quantities, therefore our fabrics come from local mills and wholesalers in India and Pakistan. The relationship between our suppliers and fabric mills is strong, it ensures that workers earn a fair wage and VIDA receives a stable supply of high quality materials.  While we cannot currently guarantee Fair Trade or Peace Silk fabrics, we focus on the workers, their education and well being is our first priority. That being said, we are working tirelessly with our production locations on development programs for their workers and on sustainable partnerships. We are so glad that the VIDA community shares our passion for sustainable sourcing and every day we are working towards improving every aspect of our products and how they are produced. "